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Featuring management consultant Barry Holleman, this StrategyFest webinar will show CEOs, finance leads, and marketing leads how to use a new valuation engineering framework to design new revenue streams for expansion-stage businesses.

Securing business continuity and growth

Once your company has landed in a beachhead market, what’s next? Attend this webinar to learn a decision-making framework to chart a smart path to new revenue streams. This valuation engineering framework guides you through choices that will meet both your expansion-stage revenue and valuation goals.
You’ll learn:

  • why geographic expansion impacts both valuation and revenue mix
  • what timing has to do with market expansion
  • how the right revenue mix can help your firm weather Black Swan events
  • how to ensure economic profit (beware of the loss leader)

To bring the learning home, Barry will use this framework to walk you through real-world case studies that look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of expansion-stage strategy.


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Barry Holleman

  • Inno-Centre
  • Corporate development leader, med tech and life sciences

Sovita Chander

  • Le saint
  • Sovita helps technology and healthcare companies grow their marketing so they can get predictable and fast revenue growth.


July 6, 2017
12:00 pm
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