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Featuring leadership capital expert Davender Gupta and go-to-market strategist Sovita Chander, StrategyFest is a new business strategy event series exclusively for growth-company leaders.

This inaugural Lunch & Learn will show you how to pinpoint the target beachhead market that will propel your company to new heights.

Attend this event before you start your next big product or service launch!

Market Mastery: The 4 Elements of Beachhead Strategy

Your team is building a new product or service. As the CEO or CMO, it’s your job to make the call on the target market.

Go too wide, and you risk drowning the product through lack of differentiation.

Go too narrow, and you won’t have the reach to make your numbers.

What you need is a beachhead strategy: land in a smartly defined niche, expand, and conquer. We’ll show you how.



Sovita Chander

  • Le saint
  • Sovita helps technology and healthcare companies grow their marketing so they can get predictable and fast revenue growth.

Davender Gupta

  • AmplioStrategies
  • Davender helps innovative companies develop the clarity, the confidence and the discipline to become the “go-to” choice for their markets.



March 15, 2017
11:45 am
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